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This year, Brazilian skateboard collective, Guanabara Boards will star in ‘Beyond Beautiful’, a film by American filmmaker Brett Novak and British filmmaker Teresa Madeline Batista.

Beyond Beautiful is a short film that tells the story of the day-in-the-life of four remarkable friends in Rio de Janeiro – Ana, Sara, Beatriz and Teresa – who break boundaries with their impressive skate longboard ‘dancing’ freestyle skills.

The girls demonstrate that beauty is not something that reaches only the depths of skin, but can be found through the sweat, falls and bruises that these women endure to create something breathtakingly unique as they dance on their longboards.     

Following their journey by skate through the as they explore the stunning beaches, monuments, carnival parties and panoramic vistas of the ‘Marvellous City’, Rio de Janeiro, we learn that Beyond Beautiful also means dedication, expression, friendship, creativity and freedom.  

Longboard Dancing Freestyle

The combination of footwork and freestyle tricks on a longboard skate that, when mastered with the addition of flow and style, appears as if the rider is dancing on their board as it carves from side to side.  This style of skateboarding has blown up in recent years with competitions, groups and thousands of videos dedicated to it worldwide. 



American filmmaker, best known for his short skateboard films; particularly his collaborations with Spanish professional skateboarder Killian Martin. He has had commissions from brands such as Mercedes Benz. 


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British filmmaker and photographer based in Rio de Janeiro. Specialises in culture, lifestyle and action sports and has worked for companies including Lonely Planet, The Guardian and Omega.


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Guanabara Boards

A collective of skaters from Rio de Janeiro since 2012. Their passion is to share the healthy benefits and lifestyle of skateboarding with everybody while acting as a reference for Longboard Freestyle, influencing new generations of skateboarders around the world.


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Ana Maria



World-renowned for her skills in Longboard Dancing Freestyle, Ana Maria Suzano’s videos have collected over 20 million views on social media platforms. Her extraordinary style of skateboarding and her love for fashion has influenced an entire new generation of female skateboarders worldwide.  



Sara Watanabe


Sara Watanabe is a student, skateboarder and model, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. When not shredding down Rio’s hills, she’s tearing it up the flatland with her effortlessly rhythmic flow and outer-worldly balance.   



Beatriz Gavelak


Carioca, Beatriz Gavelak hones a smooth, delicate dancing style, while at the same time proving that she truly is a master of equilibrium as she executes challenging technical tricks that few others in the world can muster. 



Teresa Madeline



Teresa Madeline Batista is an English born filmmaker who moved to Rio de Janeiro for the love of skateboarding. When she’s not hidden behind the lens she can be found fearlessly stepping and spinning on top of her skate.